What We Do.

At core, The North Texas Community Foundation does three things.

1. We administer funds and offer personalized service.

  • Enable flexible personal and family philanthropy that allows for growth, with investment expertise and maximum tax benefits.
  • Accept a wide variety of assets.
  • Help donors create funds and provide knowledge on effective local grant opportunities.

2. We connect donor passions with community needs.

  • Build endowment to benefit current and future community needs.
  • Fund high-impact initiatives.
  • Foster greater giving and volunteerism.

3. We convene community leaders.

  • Bring together diverse voices; encourage collaboration among other funders, giving groups and nonprofits to increase impact.
  • Provide and collect expertise on local issues by acquiring deep knowledge of needs, gaps and programs of excellence.
  • Recruit strong leaders with community passions.

Through all of these endeavors, our ultimate goal is to improve lives, from donors who want to accomplish something great to individuals and organizations that benefit from the grants we make and scholarships we award.