How to Create a Living Legacy for Fort Worth & North Texas

Whether your living legacy is through lifetime giving or an estate bequest, purposeful philanthropy begins with an idea and a charitable heart. Nancy, our CEO, likes to challenge us, constantly asking, how will we think beyond today? How will we be a living legacy for Fort Worth & North Texas?

When many people think of working with a community foundation or philanthropy on a large scale, thoughts immediately turn to what they’ll leave when they pass on. But giving today when you are living provides a ripple effect, as the generosity of a single person expands to make a community-wide impact.

Take Walter Rainwater our inaugural Insight and Vision Philanthropy honoree.

Eight years ago, guided by the belief that education provides a permanent path out of poverty, Mr. Rainwater walked into Morningside Middle School. That day proved to be a turning point for the children and families of the Morningside neighborhood, and for Mr. Rainwater himself. He served as a tutor, using engineering skills he honed at NASA to eventually pursue his own proverbial “moonshot.”

Mr. Rainwater envisioned opportunity and prosperity for the children and families of the area. He pursued a cradle to career plan for community investment, which ultimately resulted in a squad of Morningside Children’s Program Success Teams deployed at 11 schools.

Thanks to Mr. Rainwater’s vision and insight, today the Morningside Children’s Partnership serves more than 7,000 children.

At the recent Four Mayors of Fort Worth event, the city’s leadership gave us valuable insights into how they helped grow and sustain our city. In the last 25 years alone, Fort Worth has nearly doubled in population, growing from 447,619 in the 1990 census to 741, 206 in 2010. And we’re not done; the census predicts by 2020, more than 900,000 people will call Fort Worth home, bringing the collected metroplex to nearly more than 2 million in total.

Our audience there as well as from later conversations on our social channels have outlined education, transit, and sustainability as top concerns. We challenge you today: how will you Think Beyond?


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