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Nolan Catholic High School has enjoyed an extraordinary relationship with the Ella C. McFadden Endowment Fund and the Community Foundation of North Texas for more than three decades. Anyone that sets foot on our campus can see the impact the fund has had on our students and campus.

“Our appreciation of Ella C. McFadden and her foundation go beyond words, other than to simply say: we are blessed,” said Annette Kearns, Director of Communication at Nolan.

From the initial construction of our library, funding for additional academic programs and renovations of our campus facilities, countless students have benefitted from programs Nolan has been able to provide through the foundation’s generous support.

The Ella C. McFadden Fund has provided an average of 10-18 students per year with financial assistance that has made it possible for these students to receive a Nolan Catholic education. Not only have they attended Nolan, but they have typically held prominent leadership positions in a variety of disciplines including Fine Arts, Athletics and Student Government. The students have excelled academically and have been good stewards of the opportunity they have received through the Ella C. McFadden Endowment Fund.Ella C McFadden at NCHS 1

As adults, these former students have become the realization of Ella C. McFadden’s vision through their contributions to the greater good of our community and beyond. Following is an example of one of the many letters Nolan has received from recipients of tuition assistance provided by the fund and Community Foundation:

“I want to thank you, the Ella C. McFadden Endowment Fund and the Community Foundation of North Texas for helping us – this means the world to our family!  My older son holds his cards close to the vest when showing emotion; but his face lit up when he got the news of the generosity which will make it possible for him and his brother to attend Nolan Catholic High School. Thank you to everyone at Nolan and the Community Foundation for helping our Vikings and believing in our boys. We will be sure to make certain to honor the investment made in them. God bless!”  

Along with the plaques located around campus commemorating campus services and amenities made possible through the Ella C. McFadden Fund, Mrs. McFadden is remembered in Nolan’s Viking Memorials book, published annually for incoming freshmen. Every student learns about Mrs. McFadden, her philanthropic heart focused on children and how instrumental she and her foundation have been in supporting Nolan students.

To celebrate 30 years of giving from the Ella C. McFadden Endowment Fund, Community Foundation of North Texas is hosting a series called 13 Days of Giving. Each weekday through December 17, we’ll share a story highlighting how one of the nonprofits benefitting from the fund has impacted this region. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to receive the daily alerts, or visit


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