Online Resources for Philanthropic Research

Research on Nonprofit Organizations

Guidestar is the most comprehensive nonprofit compensation analysis available. After you register, you can receive access to the organizations’ Form 990, the special tax form nonprofits must file if they have revenue over $25,000. Guidestar also allows you to subscribe to an online newsletter and gives you the option of buying more expensive access.

Nonprofit Analytics by Excellence in Giving provide 175 data points about any nonprofit’s leadership, strategy, finances, and impact. The 2-page performance summaries give you more up-to-date and in-depth information than any other online charity evaluator. It provides a quick way to determine before you give if the organizations you support operate efficiently and effectively in pursuit of their mission.

Research on Foundations

National Center for Family Philanthropy promotes philanthropic values, vision and excellence across generations of donors and donor families.

Center for Nonprofit Management  is one of the nation’s leading management support organization, bringing the most current tools for best practices in nonprofit management to thousands of nonprofit boards, staff and volunteers each year.

Conference of Southwest Foundations is a nonprofit membership association of grantmaking organizations that provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and expertise among grant makers, as well as resources to enhance the ability of each organization to fulfill its charitable mission. It maintains a library of the resources required for effective, efficient and responsible philanthropy.

Council on Foundations is a national association of community, corporate, family and private foundations whose mission is to promote responsible and effective philanthropy. Not every foundation belongs to it, but most do.

Foundation Center  was established in 1956 and is the leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide. Through data, analysis and training, it connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to succeed.

Research on Charitable Giving Trends, Best Practices and News

The Chronicle of Philanthropy  is a bi-weekly newspaper that connects the nonprofit world with news, ideas and jobs.

GOOD Magazine  has a mission to “stimulate the culture of good by creating dialogue around things that matter.”

The Inheritance Project  was founded in 1992 to explore the emotional and social impact of inherited wealth and to show heirs how to claim their personal power and use it to bring meaning to their lives and benefit others.

National Center for Charitable Statistics is the national repository of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States. Working closely with the IRS and other government agencies, private sector service organizations and the scholarly community, NCCS builds compatible national, state and regional databases and develops uniform standards for reporting on the activities of charitable organizations.

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy is committed to making organized philanthropy more responsive to people who are socially, economically and politically disenfranchised.

NonProfit Times Online  is an online resource for major news and information on the nonprofit sector.  follows trends in international, multicultural and women’s philanthropy, and features electronic conference information, research tools, programs and publications.

Philanthropy is an online publication whose mission is to foster excellence in philanthropy, to protect philanthropic freedom, to assist donors in achieving their philanthropic intent and to help donors advance liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility in America and abroad.