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Our Professional Advisor Outreach Cabinet (PAOC) is a regional network of accomplished professionals with expertise in tax law, estate planning, accounting, wealth management and financial planning. Members of PAOC share the common objectives of promoting philanthropy in our area and helping clients achieve their philanthropic goals.


William L. Dismuke – Chair
Dismuke & Waters, P.C.

Patrick H. Admire
Admire Sanford & Associates, PLLC

Michael G. Appleman
Cantey Hanger LLP

Larry Autrey
Whitley Penn LLP

Allyson Baumeister
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Marvin E. Blum
The Blum Firm, P.C.

Michael V. Bourland
Bourland, Wall & Wenzel, P.C.

Smith A. Brownlie
Brownlie & Braden, LLC

Deborah G. Cleveland
Law Office of Deborah G. Cleveland

Patricia B. Cole
Decker Jones, PC

David H. Diesslin
Diesslin Group, Inc.

Kim Dignum
Dignum Financial Partners

Robert W. Duke
Sproles Woodard L.L.P.

Laura Haley
The Blum Firm, P.C.

Shelli Harveson
Brown Pruitt Wambsganss Ferrill & Dean

Kelly R. Hein, Jr.
Rylander, Clay & Opitz, LLP

Michael Herman
Newark E&P Operating, LLC

Amanda L. Holliday
The Blum Firm, P.C.

Allan Howeth
Cantey Hanger LLP

John R. Hunter
The Blum Firm, P.C.

Lisa H. Jamieson
Pope, Hardwicke, Christie, Schell, Kelly & Ray

Randall C. Johnson
Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C.

Michael Kaitcer
Whitaker Chalk Swindle & Schwartz

Lois J. Kapp
Kapp & Miller, PC

Kevin D. Kuenzli
McDonald Sanders, P.C.

Phillip W. McCrury (BOD Rep)
Kelly Hart & Hallman, LLP

JoAnn H. Means
Attorney at Law

Charles B. Milliken
Decker Jones, PC

Robert J. Mitchell
WhitneySmith Company

Jeffery N. Myers
Bourland, Wall & Wenzel, P.C.

Gary Post
The Blum Firm, P.C.

Robert Putman
Putman Law Firm

Susan S. Roberts
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Pollard Rogers
Cantey Hanger, LLP 

Joel T. Sawyer
Sawyer Law Firm, PLLC

Greg Shannon
Senior Concepts, Inc. 

Dulaney Steer
Kelly Hart & Hallman, LLP

Aimee Stone
Moses, Palmer & Howell, L.L.P.

Michael Sweet
Brackett & Ellis, P.C. 

Neil L.Van Zandt
Law Offices of Neil L.Van Zandt 

Lewis D. Wall
Bourland, Wall & Wenzel, P.C.

Gary F. Westenhover
Attorney At Law

Cynthia L. Williams
The Law Offices of Cynthia L. Williams


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