Become A Donor

Through the generosity of our donors and the resources of our partners, the North Texas Community Foundation can change problems into promise, turn capital into community and transform dollars into dreams.We help you support the causes you truly care about, from childhood education to health care to the arts.

For Individuals

The Community Foundation is here to help you reach your charitable goals, whatever those may be.

  • Build a personalized philanthropic plan tailored to your passions and interests. Our expert staff will listen to your charitable values and goals, then help translate them into a smart giving plan.
  • We have specialized knowledge of the North Texas region and its many worthwhile nonprofits. We know where your gift will do the most good.
  • We can protect your privacy and deflect much unwanted solicitation. Unlike a corporate gift fund – in which donors are not anonymous – you can choose to remain unnamed at the North Texas Community Foundation if that suits your giving style.
  • Make donations on your own time. You can give to the fund in a single year – capitalizing on the tax benefits – then decide which charities to support the next year or beyond.
  • We can help you consider not only your lifetime giving, but your permanent legacy. It’s easier than you think to craft a plan that keeps your family’s name and legacy going for generations.

For Families

Bring your family together, create a culture of giving and pass along your philanthropic values through a fund at the North Texas Community Foundation. We can:

  • Help your family develop a mission statement and define charitable interests and goals.
  • Develop a list of organizations and programs that match your family’s interests.
  • Facilitate annual family meetings to consider grants from your fund.
  • Support your personal development as philanthropists.
  • Handle all back-office work and reporting.

For Businesses

It’s easy to outsource the work of your corporate foundation or charitable program to the North Texas Community Foundation. Simply use a donor-advised fund to meet your goals without the administrative burden on your staff.

  • Create a charitable program consistent with your business goals.
  • Involve your staff as much or as little as you like in decisions about your charitable program.
  • Leave all the back-office work and reporting to the Community Foundation.
  • Ask us how to convert privately held stock or partnership interests into a tax-advantaged charitable fund.

For Foundations

The North Texas Community Foundation has a lot to offer your foundation and further its philanthropic goals.

  • Invest for the maximum impact in an unfamiliar area, such as capacity building in the arts. The Community Foundation will run a strategic grant program in the area you choose.
  • Contract with the Community Foundation to support your foundation with grant-making and/or administrative services.
  • Ensure that the Foundation founder’s purpose will live on – despite the challenges faced by succeeding generations and faraway family members – by converting to a fund at the Community Foundation. Family members may remain involved, and perpetuity and consistency are ensured.
  • Fulfill your payout requirement by contributing to a donor-advised fund at the North Texas Community Foundation. Then, take your time deciding how the funds should be distributed to charities.
  • For a confidential consultation about a giving program to fit your needs, contact Nancy E. Jones at or 817.877.0702.