Benefits of Working with the Community Foundation

When you establish a fund at the North Texas Community Foundation, you enjoy the tax benefits associated with charitable giving, and also ensure the community benefits. Tax deductions are valuable to both you and the charitable organizations you support. Your taxable income is reduced, and the nonprofit receives funding to improve our region.

And those aren’t the only advantages of working with the Community Foundation.

Do you want the pleasure of giving without the administrative burden? The Community Foundation provides all administrative services related to a donor’s fund, including accounting, auditing, financial management, due diligence, grantmaking and evaluation. Here are more reasons why so many donors choose the Community Foundation.

  • Flexibility. Make one gift to satisfy a variety of personal charitable interests.
  • Tax Advantages. Assets contributed to the Community Foundation qualify for maximum tax deductibility and other advantages not available to corporate gift funds. Our public tax status creates more available funding to support donors’ philanthropic interests.
  • Asset Management. The North Texas Community Foundation permits donors with fund balances of $500,000 or more to recommend the investment advisor of their choice to manage the assets attributed to their funds.
  • Convenience. Usually, a fund can be opened with one brief meeting. The Community Foundation handles all government reports, legal questions and audit requirements.
  • Economy and Efficiency. With more than $200 million in assets, the Community Foundation enjoys economies of scale, keeping administrative fees low.
  • Independence. A board – made up of community leaders – oversees the programs of the Community Foundation. Their interest is the ongoing needs of the community.
  • Immediate and Long-term Impact. Our strong record of financial stewardship assures that the charitable agenda of donors will be met now and for generations to come.
  • Resources. Our expert staff can help donors explore their values and charitable interests. Then, we match those interests with vital causes in the community.
  • Customization. Here, donors have choices. Donors can customize a fund and open it using a variety of assets. Funds can be structured similar to a private foundation – without the cost and fees associated with one. Or donors can endow a fund and ensure long-term benefits to favorite causes or charities.

Learn about the types of funds to fulfill charitable giving, and the types of assets which can be given to establish a fund. Click here to learn more.

Please contact Nancy E. Jones at or 817.877.0702 to discuss how we can work together to achieve your charitable giving goals.