Ways to Fulfill Charitable Giving

The North Texas Community Foundation helps donors translate their values into the right type of fund to carry out their wishes. We help donors select the fund option that best fulfills their charitable intent.

We can set up funds that allow donors to:

  • Stay actively involved in their grantmaking. Some donors wish to support multiple organizations and programs throughout the year. The Community Foundation can help identify appropriate nonprofits and programs, ensure their charitable status and provide grantmaking and administrative support. These funds offer an immediate tax benefit while allowing the donor to make grants over time to their favorite nonprofit organizations. Learn more about Donor Advised Funds that allow active involvement in grant making. For a sample agreement, click here.
  • Designate specific charitable organizations to be supported. Grants from these funds provide a reliable annual income stream to one or more of a donor’s favorite organizations in perpetuity. If the charity ceases to exist, another charity serving the same needs will benefit from the endowment. For a sample agreement, click here.
  • Identify a particular field or issue. These funds are created by donors who want to support a particular field or issue, such as cancer treatment, education, arts, youth services or any other concern. The Community Foundation awards grants to high-performing organizations or programs in the selected field. For a sample agreement, click here.
  • Benefit a particular school or field of study. Donors can assist students pursuing an education and help set the eligibility criteria for annual scholarship recipients.
  • Support a regional area of emphasis. Experts at the Community Foundation monitor the regional landscape to identify key challenges. These issues become the focus of an annual grant cycle to which donors can contribute, click here.
  • Impact the most pressing needs of our community with the flexibility to respond as those needs change over time. Funds without restriction offer the broadest options for charitable giving in our community – and therefore bring about the greatest good. These funds allow the Community Foundation to target dollars toward the community’s most pressing needs, even as those needs change over time. An unrestricted fund is named by or for the donor. A sustainable percentage of the fund’s balance is granted each year to charities selected by the governing board of the Community Foundation. Donors leave a permanent legacy that can adjust over time as the needs of North Texas change. They also empower the Community Foundation to respond to emergencies, which require flexible funding.

Funds can be established utilizing a variety of assets. Click here to learn more.