Early Childhood Education in the News

The North Texas Community Foundation is proud to take a leading role in supporting early childhood education in our area. These news articles can provide further insight.

College, the Great Unleveler
New York Times – March 1, 2014
Author: Suzanne Mettler

Obama Budget Offers Tax Breaks From Child Care to College
Bloomberg – March 3, 2014
Author: Roger Runningen

Arlington Prep School Club Rebuilds Broken Computers, Gives Them to Disadvantaged Students
Fort Worth Star Telegram – March 3, 2014
Author: Taylor Prater

Fort Worth School Board Evaluates Superintendent’s Performance
Fort Worth Star Telegram – March 4, 2014
Author: Yamil Berard

Pre-K, The Great Debate
New York Times – January 29, 2014
Author: Nicholas Kristof

How To Get More Early Bloomers
New York Times – January 29, 2014
Authors: Daniel T. Willingham and David W. Grissmer

How Pre-School Got Hot
New York Times – January 29, 2014
Author: Gail Collins

The Heckman Equation, Early Childhood Education Benefits All
Business Week – January 16, 2004
Author: Brendan Greely,

Pay-for-Success Projects Spread to More States
Chronicle of Philanthropy – January 28, 2014
Author: Doug Donovan