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A guide to charitable giving at the North Texas Community Foundation: How and What to Give

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There is a lot of justifiable attention paid these days to some of the BIG questions about philanthropy and the philanthropic process: Why give? How much to give? What to give to? What difference does it make? Click here to read more.

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently released a city health data tool that drills down to census track.

The City Health Dashboard gives cities a powerful new online resource to dig deeper into neighborhood- and city-specific data for 36 measures of health and the factors that shape health for the 500 largest cities across the U.S. This one-stop resource will pull together local data from multiple national sources so health officials and city leaders can view and compare city- and neighborhood-specific data.


This new tool makes it easier for civic, nonprofit and philanthropic leaders to develop programs and policies aimed at improving outcomes for local children at risk for poverty, neglect and abuse. It surfaces the top issues facing Tarrant County youth from birth to 18 and recommended key solutions. The report identifies economic stability, literacy rates at third grade, infant mortality and child maltreatment as primary areas to focus attention.

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The State of Texas Children report is a part of the Kids Count project, a national state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the U.S. funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The report shows that historical and current policies have created and maintained unequal opportunities and large disparities in child poverty across race, ethnicity and gender.

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