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Protecting and stewarding our natural resources are integral to the health of our global, state and local community. Funding opportunities in this interest area can include wildlife conservation & protection, environmental advocacy and sustainability.

The Museum serves a singular purpose: to transform lives through extraordinary learning environments. The organization addresses the issue of limited access to hands-on inquiry-based learning opportunities, especially those related to science, history, technology, engineering, and math concepts, by providing educational activities that support and enhance formal K-12 curricula offered in schools. The Museum is the largest provider of hands-on inquiry STEM and history education in Tarrant County.

The Live Animal collection at the Museum supports environmental and STEM educational programming for students and guests. Some of the animal and reptile habitats were built over 40 years ago and need replacement. Shelving is inadequate, making it difficult for staff to move the heavy wooden cages out to the classroom areas for student learning. Your gift would help to makeover the live animal rooms, creating a work environment that is safe and sanitary, increase accessibility of the animals to the public, and keep all of the animals comfortable and secure.

$1,000 – Purchases four rabbit habitat hutches or six small animal cages
$2,000 – Provides support for a part-time staff position for the renovation project
$5,000 – Covers new shelving units, ten aquariums, and additional habitats and supplies

Total Budget: $10,000

For nearly 50 years, the Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center have preserved & protected the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge. The Friends provide care for the bison herd, fund capital improvements and support educational programs. They believe strongly that access to nature should have no boundaries. They offer free programming for underserved and low-income students whenever possible and provide first-time nature experiences for thousands of children each year.

COVID-19 made the FWNC&R rethink how to deliver educational programming digitally. Teachers need virtual learning resources to connect students to nature no matter where they are. New technology at the gate entrance will also streamline and limit contact for the more than 60,000 visitors per year.

$1,000 – New video editing software for virtual learning programs

$1,500 – New high quality video camera, microphones and green screen for virtual learning programs

$2,000 – Two iPads to streamline gate entry and other transactions for more than 60,000 visitors each year

Total Project Budget


River Legacy closes the science gap for thousands of public school children from Title I schools with its innovative, hands-on Field Investigations that immerse children of diverse backgrounds in the Living Science Center.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions that shut down field trips, River Legacy is moving its curriculum online to support 60 plus schools that usually come for Field Investigations. By providing online content about the environment, they will continue to meet the needs of their nearly 15,000 student population through a new platform.

$1,000 — Provides one MacMini computer to use in the field for the creation of online videos

$2,000 — Provides two MacBook Airs for the creation of online videos for school clients

$5,000 — Provides five MacBrook Pro computers for Naturalists and staff to use for video editing and creation

Total Project Budget


The University of North Texas aims to empower students to thrive in a rapidly changing world. The UNT Foundation serves as UNT’s strategic partner, managing and growing private assets through investment management and administration of endowments and planned gifts to support the University’s mission.

The tallgrass prairies of North Texas are almost entirely gone. Populations of grassland birds are in decline because they can no longer find a home. Native pollinators that once made the air buzz have few places left to fly. Since the late 1980s, UNT has been one of the managing partners of the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area and is the lead agent for habitat management of the 2,600 acre property. Funds would cover costs related to woody species control in an 85 acre area, removing trees and planting seeds and new plants to restore the area to a prairie/savannah ecosystem. Continuing to restore the prairies at LLELA offers a much needed habitat for all the creatures that were once abundant across North Texas.

Gifts of $1,000 or more would support purchase of native seeds and equipment for the project.

Total Project Budget


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If you have any questions about funding a nonprofit project, please contact Vicki Andrews at vandrews@northtexascf.org or call 817.877.0702.

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