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Protecting and stewarding our natural resources are integral to the health of our global, state and local community. Funding opportunities in this interest area can include wildlife conservation & protection, environmental advocacy and sustainability.

The children and youth participating in Camp Fire programs are equipped to succeed in school and life and are actively involved with their families and their communities. The youth learn respect for the outdoors and become caring, confident leaders.

Camp El Tesoro is Camp Fire’s campground in Granbury, Texas.  As a result of Winter Storm Uri in February, a portion of the main water line at the camp is significantly damaged and will need to be replaced. Camp Fire has been advised that their insurance policy may not cover the damage because this part of the water line is above ground. Several cabin water heaters have burst and will also need to be replaced.

$1,000 – Replaces one cabin water heater

$2,000 – Replaces two cabin water heaters

$5,000 – Repairs the above groundwater line

Total Budget


The Museum serves a singular purpose: to transform lives through extraordinary learning environments. The organization addresses the issue of limited access to hands-on inquiry-based learning opportunities, especially those related to science, history, technology, engineering, and math concepts, by providing educational activities that support and enhance formal K-12 curricula offered in schools. The Museum is the largest provider of hands-on inquiry STEM and history education in Tarrant County.

The Live Animal collection at the Museum supports environmental and STEM educational programming for students and guests. Some of the animal and reptile habitats were built over 40 years ago and need replacement. Shelving is inadequate, making it difficult for staff to move the heavy wooden cages out to the classroom areas for student learning. Your gift would help to makeover the live animal rooms, creating a work environment that is safe and sanitary, increase accessibility of the animals to the public, and keep all of the animals comfortable and secure.

$1,000 – Purchases four rabbit habitat hutches or six small animal cages
$2,000 – Provides support for a part-time staff position for the renovation project
$5,000 – Covers new shelving units, ten aquariums, and additional habitats and supplies

Total Budget: $10,000

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If you have any questions about funding a nonprofit project, please contact Vicki Andrews at vandrews@northtexascf.org or call 817.877.0702.

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