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Protecting and stewarding our natural resources are integral to the health of our global, state and local community. Funding opportunities in this interest area can include wildlife conservation & protection, environmental advocacy and sustainability.

Fort Worth Bike Share enhances the community by providing an affordable, efficient, environmentally-friendly bike share program that provides residents a healthy way to move around Fort Worth. Now more than ever, appropriate health precautions are required. Fort Worth Bike Share proposes the placement of hand sanitizing stations at each bike-share kiosk. Adding additional sanitation options to kiosks will provide safety measures for riders and the general public when hand-washing stations are not available. $4,000 would cover the cost to place dispensers at all locations and have a month of refill supplies.

Amount: $500 – $4,000

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center had to temporarily close its gates to the public, resulting in a substantial decrease in operating revenue. Because of the inability to generate revenue, we need assistance to support basic operational needs to power conservation efforts. Fossil Rim needs support to provide quality nutrition and medical care to the Fossil Rim animal population. Support is also needed to continue conservation education programming through online means for homebound families.

  • $3,000 covers the daily cost to provide feed and animal care staff.
  • $5,000 covers the weekly cost of animal feed for our 1,100 wildlife.
  • $10,000 provides operational support to the organization.

Amount: $500 – $10,000

The Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge was established on June 1, 1974, as a nonprofit organization with a crucial mission: to preserve, protect, and conserve the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge for future generations. Over the years, the goal has not changed: to support the Nature Center by providing feed and care for the bison herd and educational ambassador animals, conservation collaboration, education programs, and funding for capital improvements and repairs.

Despite the Nature Center closing in March, Nature Center staff continued to provide care for the bison herd and other educational ambassador animals. The Friends directly fund the care for the animals. To date, even with the partial reopening of the Nature Center on June 16, the Friends have lost more than $30,000 in income due to no onsite gift shop sales, event cancellations, and a reduction in membership renewals.

Amount Requested: $1,000 – $3,000

  • $3,000 for annual bison feed supply (90,000 lbs.)
  • $1,500 for annual bison herd vet visits
  • $1,000 for annual bison herd hay supply (29 round hay bales)

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If you have any questions about funding a nonprofit project, please contact Vicki Andrews at vandrews@northtexascf.org or call 817.877.0702.

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