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Health and wellness are essential to community vitality. funding opportunities include access to health care, medical research, mental health and preventative care.

The Alzheimer’s Association North Central Texas Chapter is dedicated to increasing safety and well being for persons with Alzheimer’s and their family caregivers through awareness, education, training, and related support interventions including caregiver support groups. Caregiving for someone with dementia is never easy. Due to the “stay at home” order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, caregivers have been stripped of their resources. Respite, adult day-care, and in-home services in many cases are no longer an option. Caregivers are increasingly suffering from severe stress and anxiety and are additionally challenged by current economic uncertainties. The goal is to reduce caregiver’s feelings of isolation and enhance their ability to care for their loved one with dementia by providing 24-hour support through support groups, phone calls, and internet.

Amount Requested: $500 – $15,000 to provide digital support services to caregivers, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, for 3 months April – July

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. They supply 40% of the nation’s blood—more than any other single provider—relying only on volunteer donors. In 2019, the NTX Region collected more than 30,000 units of blood, saving up to 90,000 lives. However, new donations began rapidly declining amid COVID-19 concerns as workplaces and schools closed, canceling their pre-scheduled blood drives. To date, 162 drives have been canceled in Texas leaving 6,221 units of blood uncollected. One blood drive collects an average of 35 units of blood and each unit of blood collected from a donor can be distributed to up to three individuals. The American Red Cross is seeking financial support to fund much-needed blood drives.

Amount Requested: $3,900-$50,000

  • Fund 1 blood drive – $3,900
  • Fund 4 blood drives – $19,500
  • Fund 10 blood drives – $39,000

FWAYA is a consortium of Tarrant County medical, educational and cancer support organizations. FWAYA provides free access to nurse navigation, child life, social work and psychological services throughout their cancer journey. During the COVID crisis, FWAYA staff have identified patients’ increasing loss of jobs and insurance, inability to pay premiums, and inability to buy lifesaving prescription medications. Additionally, patients have been unable to pay rent or mortgage, buy food or pay bills. In response, FWAYA has created the Emergency Assistance Fund to provide essential funding for insurance premiums, transportation to medical facilities, prescription drug costs and other identified needs that help the patient and family sustain ongoing treatment.

Amount Requested: $500 – $25,000, but any grant amount is appreciated

Open Arms Health Clinic (OAHC) is a faith-based free clinic providing acute and chronic care, gynecology, physical therapy, orthopedics, family medicine, counseling and patient education. The clinic serves uninsured or underinsured North Texans with incomes too high for Medicaid and too low to cover private insurance deductibles. A majority are at risk, with chronic conditions requiring ongoing care. OAHC is run by a volunteer staff. During COVID-19, the clinic keeps patients safe through telehealth/virtual appointments. We expect a surge of new patients when in-person visits restart. OAHC will utilize donations:

  • To purchase PPE and testing materials, which are vital for clinic safety, early detection and patient peace of mind.
  • To support counseling services for those living and working under the threat of COVID-19.


Funding Requested: $500 – $30,000, but any grant amount is appreciated

  • A grant of $29,418 will serve 2000 patients over six months.

Texas Health Resources is joining forces with UT Southwestern to launch a large COVID-19 prevalence study in early July that encompasses Tarrant and Dallas Counties. They will test 44,000 individuals, including 14,000 high-risk workers and 30,000 community members—spanning the full breadth of socio-economic, racial, and geographic diversity throughout Tarrant and Dallas Counties—to understand the true prevalence of COVID-19 in DFW.

To ensure success and educate the community, an engagement campaign will be launched along with the study. Outreach tactics will include a dedicated website, fliers, media placements, and engagement with places of worship in the community to encourage participation. Philanthropy is critical to assist THR and UT Southwestern in identifying the true spread of COVID-19 in the community in order to help business leaders and government officials make the best decisions in keeping North Texans safe and the economy open. The total cost of the study is $10.5M.

Amount requested:  $500 – $250,000

The UNT Health Science Center (HSC) exists to create solutions for a healthier community. The HSC is working with Tarrant County Public Health to staff two new COVID-19 testing sites in underserved areas, testing approximately 10,000 people. Early in the pandemic, the HSC provided off-campus COVID-19 testing for Tarrant County area first responders who may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus but were not experiencing symptoms, providing results within 72 hours, but typically 24-48 hours. Additionally, a patient’s test swab must be stabilized in a vial with the CDC recipe of salt, antibiotics, and protein for transport to the lab for testing. High demand and low supply of Viral Transport Medium (VTM) led Tarrant County Public Health to turn to the UNT System School of Pharmacy to make the essential vials for COVID-19 tests. Due to the growing need for COVID testing and medical vials, the HSC requests support to meet the following needs:

Amount Requested: $500 – $40,000:

  • $4,400 to provide quality materials for COVID-19 testing vials
  • $14,130 to provide PPE for HSC students and staff assisting at COVID-19 testing sites
  • $20,000 to provide meals for HSC students and staff providing COVID-19 testing at site locations

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