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Make an impact in our community by supporting organizations that address poverty, food availability, housing & homelessness and veterans. We encourage grants that give people a hand-up, not just a hand-out.

CCFW exists to end poverty by creating meaningful interventions to help those in need. CCFW is known for its signature long-term case management programs which provide a unique combination of comprehensive case management, financial coaching, and emergency financial assistance and are designed to help people escape poverty permanently by focusing on a person’s unique strengths and goals.

Since March 2020, CCFW has operated a COVID-19 Response program, a three-pronged approach consisting of immediate crisis assistance and stabilization, short-term case management, and long-term case management. This response meets the immediate needs of vulnerable community members who have been affected by the pandemic and associated economic downturn as well as any long-term barriers to financial stability.

$1,000 – Meet a family’s basic needs for one month including utilities, food and children’s items

$5,000 – Assist a family in crisis in preventing eviction by covering rental arrears

Total Budget


The CEC’s vision is to break the cycle of poverty and family violence. Born from a food pantry in the closet of a church, CEC has expanded to provide multi-generational, multi-level support services for homeless and low-income individuals and families and victims of domestic violence.

While operating one of the largest food pantries in Tarrant County, the CEC addresses affordable housing needs through its 206 properties, owned debt-free. The organization also provides employment and financial coaching to improve economic mobility and offers job skills training and certification programs to gain access to in-demand career opportunities.

$1,800 – House a Senior Housing client for one year.

$3,000 – Provide Financial Coaching for 30 clients for 3 months.

$5,000 – Provide someone a short-term certification program with all associated supplies.

Total Budget


Tarrant Area Food Bank was founded in 1982 by a group of Fort Worth residents concerned about hunger in their community. Today, with one in every four children struggling with hunger, TAFB is the primary source of donated food for hunger-relief charities and feeding programs in Tarrant and 12 surrounding counties, serving 1,000,000 meals each week, and offers an array of programs to help families.

While TAFB receives tremendous support through food donations, the Food Bank makes it a priority to supplement this food by purchasing and providing fresh, nutritious produce, protein and dairy to families in need. In addition to purchasing these items, the Food Bank also stocks kid-friendly food to ensure that children can easily open and prepare a meal when an adult is not available.

$1,000 – Provide 5,000 healthy meals to struggling families

$2,500 – Stock a healthcare pantry with fresh fruits and vegetables

$5,000 – Fund the monthly supply of kid-friendly food for an in-school pantry

Total Budget


Trinity Habitat partners with hardworking, low-income families to build new, quality affordable homes that they in turn purchase. Trinity Habitat fuels economic and social progress in low to moderate-income communities by creating sustainable, affordable housing. Families in Habitat homes have been able to weather the financial storm brought on by the pandemic thanks in part to their affordable mortgage. Habitat’s holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization differentiates it from other agencies focused on affordable housing.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Trinity Habitat for Humanity to delay the construction of 10 new homes in 2020. Habitat aims to avoid any further delays in getting new families into their healthy and affordable homes in 2021.

$1,000 – Drywall for one living room

$2,500 – Exterior paint for five new homes

$5,000 – New roof for one house

Total Budget


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If you have any questions about funding a nonprofit project, please contact Vicki Andrews at vandrews@northtexascf.org or call 817.877.0702.

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