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Make an impact in our community by supporting organizations that address poverty, food availability, housing & homelessness and veterans. We encourage grants that give people a hand-up, not just a hand-out.

Alliance For Children’s mission is to protect Tarrant County children from child abuse through teamed investigations, healing services, and community education. All services are provided at no cost. Coordinating investigative action and healing efforts is critical to the health and safety of child abuse victims. Given the resources, children can move beyond trauma, towards a brighter future.

Alliance For Children provides emergency items to up to 1,500 of our most vulnerable families. These resources may include beds, clothing, diapers, formula, or assistance with utilities, groceries, or gas. Providing emergency resources helps stabilize families in uncertain times, enables them to maintain safety and prevent future harm to their children, and focus on the healing of their child.

$1,000 — Provides 10 beds, mattresses, or cribs for child abuse victims and their siblings

$2,000 — Provides 50 complete outfits for 25 children

$5,000 — Provides emergency rent and utility assistance for 10 families in need

Total Project Budget


Justin’s Place works to impact the life of a child by empowering mothers to grow mentally, physically and spiritually to live a life free of crisis and walk out of generational poverty. Lifting single mothers from generational poverty helps them and their children live healthy and productive lives independent of reliance on governmental support.

JP’s is raising $4.5M for the first phase of a 24 unit stable and supportive living environment in south Fort Worth, called The Nest, for mothers and their children. The Nest will provide a stable place to live while the mothers receive training and education so that they may secure wage-sustaining work that allows them to raise their family out of poverty. The Nest is based on a proven and tested model. Every detail is thought through — where they will live, green spaces to enjoy, places to play, communal areas to connect, and even a community daycare – all while receiving care, coaching and support from JP staff.

$1,000 – Furnish new beds for a family at The Nest

$2,500 – Provide kitchen appliances for one unit for a family at the Nest

$5,000 – Put a roof over the head of a mother-led family at a Nest apartment

Total Projet Budget


The mission of The Ladder Alliance is to provide women victims of domestic violence and low-income women with the tools to lead self-reliant, independent and successful lives. Their goal is to close the digital divide and teach critical job skills and computer literacy to a vulnerable population.

They added a bilingual class in 2020 and it was remarkably successful, allowing LA to serve Fort Worth’s  Hispanic population in a way that they had not previously. During COVID-19, learning has moved to a hybrid model of classroom and virtual learning. Students print much of their work to include in their professional portfolios, and they rely on donated printers that are now old or even unusable for the classrooms. Targeted marketing to Hispanic women and new equipment will help LA make an even greater impact on approximately 300 women annually.

$2,000 — New wireless scanning printers for student classrooms to replace donated technology

$5,000 — Large-scale, targeted Spanish-language marketing activities for our bilingual classes such as in-person outreach, radio advertising, or a billboard

Total Project Budget


NewDay teaches parents to be parents so kids can be kids. We help parents on their journey to becoming the loving, engaged role models their children need. Investing in keeping parents and children together in loving, safe homes is critical. Early childhood experiences affect behavior, biology and health. When parents are supported, children thrive.

Without support in the toughest times, parents’ choices can lead to devastating, long-term effects for their children, future generations, and society. NewDay Services walks alongside approximately 550 at-risk Tarrant County mothers who are referred by CPS, providing classes and coaching on their journeys to becoming the role models their children need. The program’s reach into the community grew recently through the addition of a Spanish-speaking class. Funded by private dollars that have slowed due to COVID-19, the $214K program is at risk of being downsized or cut.

$1,000 — Provides 2 mothers at risk of losing their children to foster care with 10 weekly classes

$2,000 — Provides 4 mothers at risk of losing their children to foster care with 10 weekly classes

$5,000 — Provides one 10-week class cycle for 10-15 mothers

Total Project Budget


TCHC leads community solutions to homelessness in greater Tarrant county by catalyzing community transformation, creating a vibrant community where everyone has a place to call home.

TCHC serves as a collaborative force, providing systems-wide guidance and resources to ensure that partner agencies’ interventions are effective and efficient for the most vulnerable in our community.

Welcome Home baskets provide items needed to make a house a home – linens and towels, cleaning and paper supplies, and kitchen and bathroom basics – for newly housed individuals and families exiting homelessness. Welcome Home baskets will alleviate the financial burden of securing starter supplies and provide a sense of ownership and normalcy for 500 newly housed people with up to 20 funded by Good Grants.

$1,000 — Provides four Welcome Home baskets for people exiting homelessness

$2,500 — Provides ten Welcome Home baskets for people exiting homelessness

$5,000 — Provides twenty Welcome Home baskets for people exiting homelessness

Total Project Budget


Unbound Fort Worth supports human trafficking survivors and serves as a resource to our community to fight trafficking. Unbound provides victim services and youth prevention and has served over 200 survivors since launching their 24/7 advocacy program in June 2018.

Fort Worth is the only major city in Texas that does not have a youth trafficking drop-in center – until now. The Underground drop-in center will offer a temporary safe place for trafficked and exploited youth to rest, eat, shower and do laundry before moving on to a longer-term living arrangement. While there, youth will visit with specially trained staff about resources and next steps. Co-located at One Safe Place, the Underground is the first step in the continuum of care for up to 400 trafficked and exploited youth annually and will increase their access to services, preventing further exploitation and helping them heal.

Gifts of $1,000 or more would support first-year operating costs (estimated to be $542,352) for the Underground

Total Project Budget


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If you have any questions about funding a nonprofit project, please contact Vicki Andrews at vandrews@northtexascf.org or call 817.877.0702.

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