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Founded in 1981, the North Texas Community Foundation is a Fort Worth-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening our 11-county region through effective philanthropy and civic leadership to address key community issues. We serve local individuals, families and corporations by helping them achieve their charitable goals in a meaningful way – during and beyond their lifetimes.

The Community Foundation is privileged to work in collaboration with our fundholders, their trusted professional advisors, nonprofit partners and civic leaders to make sure North Texas is strong for generations to come.

Since we office in the heart of North Texas we are closely connected to community needs – we are able to see the big picture, monitor the landscape and perform due diligence to identify nonprofit organizations that are doing the outstanding work in the community. This saves donors time while ensuring their donations will do the most good.

Our service area includes 11 counties in the North Texas region, including Bosque, Denton, Hill, Hood, Jack, Johnson, Parker, Somervell, Tarrant, Wise and Young counties.

The North Texas Community Foundation has earned its National Standards for U.S. Community Foundation accreditation from the Council on Foundations. This accreditation represents operational effectiveness to foster excellence in community philanthropy.










We offer smart solutions for professional advisors who want to help their clients gain maximum tax advantages. We offer a wide array of services to connect the philanthropic passions of donors to specific community needs, allowing them to fulfill charitable goals in a meaningful way 5, 10 or 20 years from now.

We help individuals, families and businesses establish charitable funds using a variety of assets, including noncash assets. Grants are made from these funds to nonprofit groups that meet the charitable goals of the donor. As a community foundation, we focus on these key goals:

  • SERVE: We tailor our services to help local families, individuals and corporations achieve their charitable goals.
  • STEWARD: We steward the gifts placed in our care with an eye toward permanence and growth by employing sound investment strategies.
  • IMPACT: We ensure fundholders’ charitable gifts are used effectively to fulfill our community’s most critical needs while honoring donor intent.
  • GROW: We expand charitable giving by being proactive, responsive, flexible and solution-focused.
  • INSPIRE: We ignite powerful, rewarding philanthropy throughout the region by sharing stories about the many ways in which generous donors invest in effective nonprofit organizations to make an impact in our community.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Our 16-member volunteer board is comprised of civic leaders with backgrounds in business, investments, philanthropy and community leadership.

Meet Our Staff

Our 10-person staff is made up of top-level skill sets including, business, finance, programs, grantmaking, IT and communications.

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