First Responders

Fleetwood Memorial Foundation Fund

Since 1974, the Fleetwood Foundation has provided financial assistance to first responders and their families.

In tribute to the service and sacrifice made by first responders, Mr. W.I. Fleetwood established the Fleetwood Memorial Foundation. The fund provides immediate financial assistance to certified Texas law enforcement and fire protection personnel injured in the line of duty or to the families of those killed.

The legacy of Mr. W.I. Fleetwood and the foundation live on in partnership with NTCF. Funds are designed to alleviate the immediate financial need and are exclusively dedicated to helping first responders and their families when they need it most—during the first eight weeks after an incident.

Grant Distribution Amounts

Fallen/Injured Grants

$3,000 – $10,000

Grants distributed based on severity, dependents and time lost from work. Grants are $10,000 in the event of death; $3,000 – $5,000 for those injured.

Applications may be submitted by email or mail to the attention of Susan Van Meter at North Texas Community Foundation, 777 Main Street, Suite 2850, Fort Worth, Texas 76102.


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Funds are dedicated to help with immediate needs of injured and fallen police officers, fire personnel and their families during the first eight weeks after an incident occurs. These funds are intended to provide interim support until additional monetary assistance may arrive from other funding sources.

Applicants must apply within 8 weeks of the incident to be eligible for funds.

Grants are awarded based on the level of need, circumstances, amount of time in the hospital and the severity of the injury that is shared on the application form.

In the line of duty means more than “on duty”. Injury or death occurring in the line of duty refers to injury or death suffered in the course of performing those duties which involve or relate to the dangerous and hazardous aspects of the duties of peace officers and fire personnel. No assistance shall be given for things such as injuries or deaths resulting from slips and falls, normal exercise or activities, exposures or illnesses that have occurred over time, vehicle accidents, in the event same happen while on duty, but are not related to any aspect of the dangerous or hazardous aspects of the duties of peace officers or fire personnel. 

Police Officers and fire personnel from the State of Texas may be eligible to receive grants from this fund when they are injured in the line of duty. Additionally, the families of an officer or fire personnel who has fallen in the line of duty are also eligible to receive a grant. In case of the death or injury of a Texas Peace Officer (as defined by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education, TCLEOSE) or the death or injury of a Texas fire personnel, applications must be submitted by the department the individual was working for at the time of the incident. We are unable to accept an application from the injured personnel or from the family members of the fallen personnel. Applications must be submitted within 8-weeks of the date the incident occurred.

Use the application link under fall/injured grants to download an application.

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Susan Van Meter, Community Impact Grants Coordinator

Susan Van Meter

Community Impact Grants Coordinator