The Power of Collective Giving

Photo of attendees from a philanthropic event.

The Power of Collective Giving

By Jake Richter, WORTH member

I have two boys ages six and nine. Each summer, our family takes a 3-4 week road trip where we stay at different national parks along the way. When we leave each campsite, we make a point to each pick up ten pieces of trash left behind by other campers – teaching our kids to leave it better than we found it. I’m proud to say that WORTH: The Next Generation of Philanthropists and its members are doing the same – leaving our community better than we found it.

Time. Talent. Treasure. We hear this bit of alliteration often from nonprofits. Many are happy just receiving one, but ultimately would like all three from their community partners and donors. WORTH is one of those rare opportunities that a relatively small investment can grow exponentially to make a real difference for local nonprofits in multiple ways.

I’ve been a member of WORTH since its inception in 2015, but my first grant deliberation on February 8, 2018 was truly an eye-opening experience. While I have over a decade in civic and board involvement, I’m still amazed at the level of enthusiasm my fellow WORTH members have for this community. To have so many passionate and knowledgeable young professionals gathered together was inspiring. Many in the room were not only aware of the applicants’ mission and purpose, but several also volunteered for the organizations and/or serve(d) on their boards. Learning about new nonprofits and being around so many others that have a desire to make this community better than they found it is not only encouraging, but motivating as well. You realize there are others that care and are willing to help with the shortfalls our community faces.

Many hands make light work. The more hands we can bring to the table the greater our impact will be in North Texas. Each membership of $250 is placed in the WORTH Endowment Fund at the North Texas Community Foundation. Membership dollars are matched by our four private investors; Meta Alice Keith Bratten Foundation, The Hodges Fund, The Huckabee Community Excellence Fund, and The Higginbotham Community Fund. This allows members to maximize their charitable giving and give the most to nonprofits doing great work in the community.

We get to choose where those dollars go thanks to the generosity of the philanthropists listed above. I look forward to the day when the names of my peers are the ones offering to match the next generation of philanthropists and to see what their time, talent, and treasure can accomplish.


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