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Our purpose is to lead and inspire powerful and rewarding philanthropy that improves the quality of life and prosperity of our region. We fulfill our purpose by working with donors, nonprofits, local businesses and community leaders to address key regional issues.

The North Texas Community Foundation considers evaluation to be an important part of its grant making process.

Organizations receiving funds from the Foundation’s Discretionary (ToolBox) and Field of Interest Funds (Child Well-Being, Land Conservation, Animal Welfare, etc.) provide interim and final reports to the Foundation. These reports document the extent to which the project goals have been met, as well as unexpected challenges encountered and/or benefits realized. The Foundation reviews reports to assess progress in achieving goals within the funding period and shares results with the Board of Directors, Grant Committees, Fund holders and private foundation investors.

Evaluation provides program staff with useful information for program development and improvement. While approaches to evaluation may vary depending upon the nature and scope of the project, the Foundation uses grantee evaluations to:

1) develop a clear description of the program and its activities;

2) benchmark accomplishments against the specific, measurable goals to be accomplished during a particular time period set forth in the grant agreement; and

3) use the grantees’ experiences in the field to design responsive grant cycles guidelines and inform the future allocation of resources.

As the Foundation builds its capacity to conduct and use evaluation information to improve its grant making, it hopes to encourage grantees to conduct meaningful evaluation of their programs to improve program development, implementation, and outcomes.