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2018-2020 Cycle: Building Nonprofit Capacity
to Combat Poverty in Our Neighborhoods

ToolBox Grants provide Tarrant County-based nonprofit organizations with capacity building grants to improve their strength and stability. Capacity building projects address organizational effectiveness, leadership development, or operational efficiency, and are intended to be one-time, transformative investments. ToolBox Grants do not fund programs or general operations.

The 2018-2020 grant cycle is focusing on nonprofits serving the neighborhoods with the highest poverty levels in Tarrant County. Recent City of Fort Worth research, coupled with the Community Foundation’s report, Growing Up in North Texas, highlights the many ways in which multi-dimensional poverty (e.g. scarcity in education, health, income and employment) impacts local families. Specific neighborhoods in our community are disproportionately affected by the compounding impacts of poverty.

Applicant Categories

  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations located in Tarrant County
  • Neighborhood associations in target neighborhoods (must have a nonprofit fiscal sponsor)

Nonprofit Focus Areas

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health (physical or mental)
  • Housing
  • Community Enrichment (arts, culture, beautification, etc.)
  • Small organizations (Budget under $200K)                   $2,500-$7,500
  • Large organizations (Budget over $200K)                    $7,500-$15,000
  • Neighborhood associations (Budget under $20K)           $500-$1,000

Note: The request for ToolBox funding should represent 50-100% of the total cost of the project. See FAQ for further information.

  • Projects must address:
    • Organizational effectiveness
    • Leadership development
    • Operational efficiency
  • Projects must be linked to the organization’s capacity to make a significant difference in one or more of the target neighborhoods
  • Click the link below to read the full RFP for examples of eligible capacity building projects and additional information

January 15, 2020 – RFP Released to Nonprofits

February 19, 2020  –  Deadline to Submit Letter of Intent (LOI)

May 22, 2020  –  Proposal Deadline

June 25, 2020  –  Award Notification

July 2020 –  Check distribution

Before Beginning Your Proposal:
• Make sure you understand the criteria for the grant and meet all eligibility requirements.
• Understand the range of amounts that will be awarded.
• Verify your status as a nonprofit and your nonprofit status on www.guidestar.org.

Consider the following:
• Number to be served by the project
• Cost
• Timeline for completion
• Best practices in the field
• Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and a detailed strategy for how you will accomplish it
• Are there other sources of funding?
• Is the amount of money you want to request realistic based on your organization’s current staffing and finances?
• Is the timing right to submit this proposal? Is it premature?

When Writing Your Proposal:
• Keep the deadline in mind and give yourself time to work on the proposal.
• Read each question and answer it clearly and concisely.
• Write your proposal so that someone with no knowledge of your organization could clearly understand your project.
• Include a clear organizational budget (expenses and income) and project budget.
• Ensure responses are in the correct format.
• Before submitting the application, make sure you have answered each question fully.
• Call Garrett March if you have questions at 817-877-0702, or e-mail him at

If you have any questions, please contact Garrett March
at gmarch@northtexascf.org or call 817.877.0702.

2014-2016 Cycle:
Giving Our Children the Tools to Succeed

The focus of the 2014-2016 cycle was the early learning sector. These grants allowed organizations to provide high-quality early learning opportunities to the children of Tarrant County. Through this investment, the North Texas Community Foundation aimed to improve outcomes for children and produce lasting benefits for our community.

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