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With the North Texas Community Foundation, making philanthropic contributions is greatly simplified. We provide all administrative services related to a donor’s fund, including accounting, auditing, financial management, due diligence, grantmaking and evaluation.

FLEXIBILITY:  Your clients can make one gift to satisfy a variety of personal charitable interests.

TAX ADVANTAGES: Assets contributed to the Community Foundation qualify for maximum tax deductibility and other advantages not available to private foundations.

ASSET MANAGEMENT: Your clients can choose their asset management team for funds over $500,000.

CONVENIENCE: A fund can usually be opened with one brief meeting, with the Community Foundation handling all government reports, legal questions and audit requirements.

ECONOMY & EFFICIENCY: Your client enjoys economies of scale. Due to our asset size, we are able to keep administrative fees low.

IMMEDIATE & LONG TERM IMPACT: Our strong record of financial stewardship assures your clients that their charitable agenda will be met now and for generations to come.

RESOURCES: Our expert staff can help your clients explore their giving goals, values and interests.

CUSTOMIZATION: We offer choices. Clients can customize their fund and establish it using a variety of assets.

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