The Hodges: A Family Tradition of Philanthropy

Photo of two members of the Hodges family

A Hodges Family Tradition: Putting Assets to Work for the Causes They Love

Leland Hodges has passed many important lessons on to his children: the value of a dollar, his love of the land and, most importantly, his passion for helping others. Leland’s love for Fort Worth led him to give back to the city by opening a Donor Advised Fund to support local nonprofit organizations. His son, Allen, and wife Janet followed in the family tradition by establishing a fund to fulfill their own charitable goals.

Capitalizing on the Community Foundation’s ability to accept a wide variety of assets, both father and son have funded their philanthropy using cash, stock, oil and gas mineral leases and real estate. In these cases, worthy nonprofit organizations in Fort Worth benefit from the windfall generated by Hodges family investments.

And the buck doesn’t stop there. Since the Community Foundation’s inception, Hodges family members have provided invaluable guidance to our organization through their service on the Board of Directors.

The Hodges’ story illustrates the power of smart, multigenerational philanthropy. By transforming various types of assets into long-term vehicles for giving, they have supported many nonprofits doing life-changing work in Fort Worth, making the city a better place for all of us.


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