An Inside Look: The Bickley’s

Photo of the Bickley's

Mike and Susi Bickley
Fundholders since 2017.

1. Who in your life made you want to be charitable?

My grandmother and wife Susi inspired me to become charitable throughout my lifetime. My grandmother became very aware of the growing homeless population in Tarrant County and more specifically Fort Worth, and we want to make a change using the great agencies we have in the city.

2. What does investing in your hometown mean to you?

We have been blessed to raise our family in Fort Worth and want to give back to the city and make it a better place for all. We want our support to be focused and sustainable – and the Community Foundation helps us do just that.

3. What is your prediction or hope for Fort Worth in the next 5, 10 years?

We predict that increased traffic will become a huge problem in Fort Worth over the next decade. Our hope is that through improvement in the public school system, we can grow our city in a more balanced fashion, provide affordable housing, and have better-trained residents to fill new jobs.


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