Fund to Advance Racial Equity

The Fund to Advance Racial Equity provides support to nonprofits and municipal entities working to achieve a more equitable community for all. Our hope is that grants made from this fund drive changes in practice – systemic, institutional and individual – to eliminate racial bias and discrimination that will ultimately lead to more equitable outcomes for all North Texans.

The next grant cycle will begin in February 2022.

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"Community Frontline is incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Community Foundation. Receiving the FARE Grant served a huge catalyst in bolstering our efforts toward community and police relations as well as racial unity. Investments such as these helps accelerate our service in immeasurable ways."

-Quinton “Q” Phillips, Community Frontline

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Together, we can cultivate a more vibrant and resilient community where all North Texans can thrive.

Donna James Harvey - Fund to Advance Racial Equity

Donna James-Harvey

Fund to Advance Racial Equity Liaison