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About the Fund to Advance Racial Equity

Fort Worth is at its best when people come together to address the challenges facing our community directly. The tragic shooting of Atatiana Jefferson in October 2019 is one recent event in a long history that reflects Fort Worth’s challenges with race relations and racial equity, as evidenced in our 2016 report, Race and Equity in North Texas.

We believe solutions, resolve and capacity to address these issues exist in our community, and we are grateful for the many committed institutions, organizations and individuals that are already deeply engaged in this work. In this spirit, the North Texas Community Foundation has established the Fund to Advance Racial Equity with generous support from Rainwater Charitable Foundation, Sid W. Richardson Foundation, The Miles Foundation, other philanthropic investors. The inaugural round of grants will help grantees and investors learn collaboratively about best practices and community dynamics and lay the groundwork for future investment.

Over time, our hope is that grants made from this fund will help:

  • Increase understanding of our community’s challenges with racial equity and race relations;
  • Provide access to stories and diverse perspectives on the lived experience of racial inequity in Fort Worth;
  • Strengthen relationships among Fort Worth residents, particularly across racial and ethnic groups;
  • Increase awareness of resources and best practices related to advancing racial equity;
  • Drive notable changes in practices – systemic, organizational and/or individual – that perpetuate racial bias and discrimination; and
  • Strengthen relationships between members of law enforcement and local residents, fostering mutual understanding and thereby increasing safety and security for all Fort Worthians.

Focus Areas

North Texas Community Foundation has issued invitations to apply for funds in two categories:

Community-Police Relations

  • Promoting positive interactions between police and community members – particularly youth — through internship, mentoring and youth engagement projects.
  • Facilitating constructive dialogue between police and community stakeholders.
  • Providing training to enhance law enforcement officials’ ability to engage with the diverse communities they serve more safely, justly and effectively.

Place-Based Community Action Projects

  • Partnerships with organizations embedded in local neighborhoods to leverage knowledge of unique community dynamics and build upon trust-based relationships.
  • Structured as a participant-driven learning cohort with three participating organizations that meet regularly to share best practices, innovative solutions, and diverse perspectives.
  • Projects should promote constructive dialogue, creative expression, public awareness, and/or positive interactions among diverse community members.
  • Facilitating storytelling and other forms of artistic expression that give voice and understanding to marginalized experiences. Examples include:
    • Educating the community on the extent to which systemic barriers affect people of color;
    • Programs that engage residents and police officers in shared activities; and
    • Innovations in non-profit programming and service delivery based on applying a racial equity lens.

How to Donate

To donate through your fund via Donor Central:
Please click here.

To donate by credit card:
Please click here.

To donate by check, mail to:
North Texas Community Foundation
777 Main Street, Suite 2850
Fort Worth, TX 76102
In memo line write: Fund to Advance Racial Equity. Let us know if you wish to remain anonymous.

To donate gifts of stock or other assets:
Contact vandrews@northtexascf.org  or 817-877-0702

Contact Us

General questions and inquiries: Garrett March, Associate Director of Community Impact,

For interested funding partners: Laura McWhorter, Chief Philanthropy Officer, lmcwhorter@northtexascf.org

For media inquiries: Taylor Snyder, Strategic Communications Coordinator, tsnyder@northtexascf.org

For fundholder questions: Vicki Andrews, Director of Donor Relations vandrews@northtexascf.org.

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