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About the Fund to Advance Racial Equity

Our community is at its best when people come together to address the challenges we face. From high-profile incidents between residents and police, to data shared in our 2016 Race and Equity in North Texas report, to the impacts of COVID-19 that have disproportionately affected people of color, our community and country have a long history of injustice and continued challenges with race relations and racial equity.

We believe the resolve and leadership to face these issues exists in our community. We recognize the importance of community voice in informing and shaping change and that many committed residents, organizations, and institutions are engaged in this work.

In partnership with North Texas Community Foundation fundholders, Rainwater Charitable Foundation, Sid W. Richardson Foundation, The Miles Foundation, Colonial Savings, and Texas Bank and Trust, the Fund to Advance Racial Equity was established in 2020 to provide support to nonprofits and municipal entities working to achieve a more equitable community for all. Our hope is that grants made from this fund drive changes in practice – systemic, institutional and individual – to eliminate racial bias and discrimination that will ultimately lead to more equitable outcomes.

The goals of the Fund to Advance Racial Equity are to:
• Build understanding between racially diverse groups to raise awareness of challenges as well as solutions related to racial equity;
• Strengthen community leadership that advances racial equity; and
• Increase trust between residents and law enforcement to bridge gaps, heal historic divides, and develop new relationships.

Click here to view past grantees.


• Grassroots or established 501(c)(3) organizations located in Fort Worth or Arlington (or with a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor)
• Municipal entities of the City of Fort Worth or the City of Arlington
• Demonstrated commitment to one or more Priority Areas identified in the Request for Proposal
• Funds may be used for a variety of purposes such as specific projects, programming, staffing, or capacity building and must be expended by May 2022.

The Fund to Advance Racial Equity will prioritize organizations with racial diversity in their executive leadership or board and/or are located in neighborhoods where a majority of residents are people of color. However, all eligible organizations will be considered for support as we recognize the responsibility of racial equity falls on all of us.

Deadline to apply is March 5, 2021 by 5:00 pm (CST).

January 18 Application opens
February 8 Nonprofit orientation via Zoom (3:30-4:30PM)
March 5 Deadline to apply (5:00PM)
April 9 Awardees notified
May 2021 Grants distributed

Click HERE to view a recorded version of the nonprofit orientation.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the presentation. Please contact our team if you have any questions.

An Advisory Council comprised of approximately twenty diverse community members is providing feedback to inform the Fund’s work, keep the Fund accountable to its goals, champion the effort and help connect grantees to decision makers. A list of all Advisory Council members can be found HERE.

A diverse subset of the Advisory Council will serve as the Grant Committee, reviewing proposals and making funding recommendations. Grant Committee members do not serve on the boards of, nor are they employed by, agencies seeking funding from FARE.

Before Beginning Your Proposal
• Make sure you understand the criteria for the grant and meet all eligibility requirements.
• Understand the range of amounts that will be awarded.
• Verify your status as a nonprofit and update your organization’s profile on www.guidestar.org.

Consider the following
• Number to be served by the project
• Cost
• Timeline for completion
• Best practices in the field
• Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and a detailed strategy for how you will accomplish it
• Are there other sources of funding?
• Is the amount of money you want to request realistic based on your organization’s current staffing and finances?
• Is the timing right to submit this proposal? Is it premature?

When Writing Your Proposal
• Keep the deadline in mind and give yourself time to work on the proposal.
• Read each question and answer it clearly and concisely.
• Write your proposal so that someone with no knowledge of your organization could clearly understand your project.
• Include a clear organizational budget (expenses and income) and project budget.
• Ensure responses are in the correct format.
• Before submitting the application, make sure you have answered each question fully.

Click HERE to view more grant writing tips.

Contact Us

Questions about eligibility
Donna James-Harvey
Fund to Advance Racial Equity Liaison

Questions about the grants portal
Susan Van Meter
Community Impact Associate

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