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At the North Texas Community Foundation, you’ll meet professionals who are accomplished in many ways,
from education to professional achievements. Though we have varying backgrounds and skill sets, we all share
a deep commitment to the North Texas community, as well as passion and enthusiasm for the work we do.


Rose Bradshaw


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Stan Ninemire, North Texas Community Foundation photo taken in Fort Worth, Texas on October 11, 2016. (Photo by/Sharon Ellman)

Stan Ninemire

Chief Financial Officer

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Vicki Andrews

Director of Operations & Donor Services

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Cindy Hanes

Director of Philanthropic Services

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Margie Curtis

Executive Services Coordinator

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Mia Edwards

Communications Coordinator

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Garrett March

Community Programs Coordinator

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Ronda Moore

Grants and Database Administrator

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Paula Partridge

Finance Assistant

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Amy Radcliffe

Donor Services & Events Associate

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Cecilia Saldivar

Front Desk Administrator

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Joy Shazima

Finance Associate

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